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"Playing with contrasts is fun. The closed neckline in the front seems elegant and restrained while the deep keyhole back opening makes it looser and feminine."

This garment Will be published in Shirley Paden's "Duets 2" book in 2023


"KAL and DAL winner, Inbal Gross is an up-and-coming indie designer from Bat Hefer, Israel. Reflecting her professional expertise in graphic design, Gross’s published patterns all feature saturated colors and playful, unexpected silhouettes. This emerging signature style culminates in her DAL 6 winning entry."

Vogue knitting Magazine, Issue Fall 2022


"Free-form knitting is both the most liberating fluid method of constructing a garment and a stressful unpredictable one.
You create without a plan, letting the muse dictate each step, then put the garment on and fingers crossed... "

My thoughts on the creation process of this garment


"Playing with colors and textures is one of the creative practices that make my heart sing."

My favorite way of creation


"It's fun to explore new ways of garment construction. "What if" is the question that pops up in my head throughout the whole design process."

The importance of curiousity